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Write a Survey Paper

(Individual Research Project)

v Topic

· Distributed firewall and VPN

v Submit your survey paper (6~10 pages).

§ What to submit:

o Format: IEEE transaction paper format or you can use a latex format for IEEE transaction paper

Yourpaper must include all of the following sections:


I. Introduction § Justification on your topic

You need to justify or explain why your topic is interesting to be investigated. § Background knowledge.

You need to explain background knowledge of your research topic to help a reader understand your proposal. This section must explain the following background knowledge, under the assumption that the reader is a junior or senior who took ITEC350 and/or ITEC451:

§ the domain of your problem (ex) wireless sensor network, grid computing networks, mobile agents, and so on.

§ the theory of your approach (see section IV below)

II. Approach to Explain the Topic III. Existing Research Issues on the Topics

You need to summarize existing research results by other researchers on the similar topics. This section must (1) briefly explain their idea; and (2) address disadvantages or weakness of their idea which your solution will tackle.

IV. Possible Future Research Issues on the Topic V. Concluding Remarks References

English is my second language, so the paper doesn’t have to be advanced and I’m a networking student so when you wright the paper can you please relate to networking. And can you please add the fire wall OSI layer. Thank you!!

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