Your task in this assignment is to write a Python program that generates an informative web site… 1 answer below »

Your task in this assignment is to write a Python program that generates an informative web site about Australian Road Fatalities over the last 30 years, showing summary statistics about the crash types, speed limits, vehicle types, times of day, and the ages and genders of the people who died. This will allow viewers to get insights into the data, and to identify trends that are changing over time. Your program will read some input data from a text file (e.g., a spreadsheet in comma-separated-values, or CSV, format) and automatically generate several web pages with links going between the pages. The input data is updated each month, so the idea is that your program will be run on the updated input data each week or each month to automatically generate an updated web site that shows the latest trends and statistics. Each web page should show a different aspect of road fatalities, and how that aspect has changed over time. Some of your pages must have photos and graphs. Here are some suggestions for different pages you might generate: • Fatalities per year, and how this rate is changing over time; • Fatalities per Australian state; • Fatalities at different times of the day (each hour); • The impact of different types of crash (single vehicle, multiple vehicle, pedestrian, etc.); • The contribution of crashes involving buses and trucks, compared to other kinds of crashes; • The impact of different speed limit zones on road fatalities; • The impact of different road-user roles (driver; passenger; motor cyclist; cyclist, pedestrian, etc.) on road fatalities; • The impact of gender on road fatalities – note that the data shows the gender of the deceased person, not necessarily of the driver; • The impact of age (of the deceased) on road fatalities.

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