Audience Identity and Needs: write a response of at least 250 words to each writer… 1 answer below »

Be sure to address the writer by first name, then write a response of at least 250 words to each writer. Give them your response as a reader of the report: where does the writer communicate clearly? Where do you get confused or lost? Where would you like to see more details or supporting information? Is there any information presented that needs more clarification or definition?

Notice that these questions are not about editing and grammar, but instead give the writer insight into how the report is being understood. This is the kind of information that benefits a writer when when in the working/revising stage of writing.

Student names and files:

1. Elizabeth Mwai: MwaiE-WA-1. docxfile

2. Kerry Rader: RaderKWA6.docx file

3.Rozan Lamichhane: LamichhaneR-WA6 file

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