Gun control research paper Write a 1,000 to 1,250 word (four to five page) analytical essay on your.

Gun control research paperWrite a 1,000 to 1,250 word (four to five page) analytical essay on your pre-approved topic.

The purpose of an analysis is to break apart a subject into its component parts in order to gain a clearer understanding of its function.

Here is a short sample analytical essay as an example: Analytical Sample.docxPreview the documentView in a new window

Your one-sentence thesis should should weave a thread through the concepts that you will explore in your body paragraphs.

You will need at least 3 in text citations (direct quotes or statistics) and an MLA formatted, separate works cited page.

The three sources can be: library reference book, online journal or article found through a Library Subscription database, or an academic quality periodical article (The New Yorker, Harpers, The Atlantic Monthly, The Economist, Scientific American, Mother Jones etc). No Video sources, please.

You do not need to take a side on the issue – you simply must convey the complexity of the issue by explaining how each component part functions in the overall understanding.

Make sure you define your terms – (for example, what is “Intelligent Design” as opposed to “Creationism”?) (Also, define the scope of your analysis – is this an economic issue, a First Amendment Rights Issue, justice issue?)………………..Answer Preview………………..There has been a heated debate in United States in relation to gun control laws. There are some killings that have taken place in especially in schools and in different neighborhoods. Many people end up dying, and in some cases the attacker commits suicide. Some people feel that the increased crime wave across the country is due to the second amendment that allows people to own guns. Each side of the debate has its own reasons in support of their argument. The proponents of gun control believe that guns are dangerous and stricter laws should be put in place to regulate their use. The opponents of gun control support…APA1066 words Added to cart

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