Module 8 DQ 1 & Module 8 DQ 2

Module 8 DQ 1

What have you learned from this class that will enable you to be more effective in the future in completing your Proposal and other dissertation milestones? What challenges do you see? How will you overcome these challenges? Use this information and the Milestone Guide to identify the milestones you need to accomplish during your next dissertation class?

If you have successfully completed the first two dissertation milestones in this course, have you followed up with your chair to assure that he/she has initiated the D-10 form (formalizing your dissertation committee including your chair, methodologist, and content expert) and the D-20 form indicating your prospectus is approved?

Module 8 DQ 2

Finding time to complete a dissertation can be a major challenge particularly with the iterative review/revision process that is involved in preparing a research proposal and/or dissertation manuscript. Why is this iterative review/revision process important to the preparation of a research proposal and/or dissertation manuscript? What will you do to block out periods of time to work on iterations of your proposal and/or dissertation? How will you get support from others to enable you to do work during these times? What will you do to maintain your energy, passion, and commitment?

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