NUR1202 Professional Identity Semester 2, 2018 Supplementary Task Guidelines…

NUR1202 Professional Identity Semester 2, 2018 Supplementary Task Guidelines for assessment. 1. This assessment is to be submitted via the study Desk into the Submission portal titled: Supplementary Assessment by midnight on 10 December 2018. 2. According to USQ policy, there are no extensions available for this submission. 3. Use Times New Roman Font size 12, double line spacing. 4. Reference using APA Referencing Style for ALL IDEAS AND CONCEPTS you have used. Limit the use of direct quotes, and if you do use direct quote this must be cited as such and be compliant with the requirements of APA style. 5. Word counts include in-text referencing. 6. Use the Marking Criteria for your assessment to guide you. 7. Submit ONE document which includes the written responses to each section as an essay. Do not include the marking criteria as part of your submission. Assessment Task Assessment description: You are to write an essay, including an introduction and conclusion, using the sections below as a guide with a word cou

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