Philosophy: Gay Marriage Comment from my instructor… DU Logic Week 6 – Rough Drafts… 1 answer below »

Philosophy: Gay Marriage Comment from my instructor… DU Logic Week 6 – Rough Drafts 11/20 points =55% Taiwo, you seem to have difficulty taking an objective stance on this topic. The whole argument that gay marriage should be banned rests on two premises: a) Opposition by conservative Christians and Muslims b) The need for procreation in marriage In 2014, this is not a credible argument, which is why same-sex marriage has been winning in the courts. Not all married couples have children, not all straight people are fertile, and many children are born outside of marriage. Conservative Christians and Muslims can do as they wish within their religious communities, but the U.S. Constitution is separate from religion. Please work with the writing tutors to find a credible focus for your essay, and good your next draft a serious proofreading. Thesis, Argument & Conclusion 3/6 Same sex marriage should be ban because most religions consider homosexuality a Taboo, it poses an attack on traditional marriage, It confuses children about gender roles and expectations of society, and only a man & woman can pro-create, and constitutional amendment. Offer a snapshot of your argument, Because of A, B, and C (main points in your argument), X should do Y Remember that you are writing an argument essay, where you will convince the appropriate party to do something about the problem you have isolated. Content and Development 4/7 Each of your body paragraphs should begin with a premise of your argument, one that relates directly to your thesis. The rest of each paragraph should supply evidence for the truth of your premises. Remember that a good organization is central to a successful essay. Cut information that does not support your premises. Writing quality, Research and APA citations 4/7 Cite your sources in-text as well as in your reference list. Proofread to find sentence fragments and other slips. The title of your paper should summarize the main idea of the paper, and identify the variables under discussion and the relationship between them, and the running head should be a shortened version of the paper’s full title. If your topic will be related to same-sex marriage, the title is the first place this needs to be specified. Always remember to proofread your papers for word selection, spelling, punctuation and grammatical correctness, as well as for clarity. Any error interferes with the effectiveness of your essay. I suggest that you read your essays aloud. Wherever you falter, or wonder what you meant, you will find an error. An example of an error is your statement "Every state should legalize marriage", which is not what you intended to say. Consult APA guidelines for the formatting of your references. 3 pages, 5 APA sources 9.90 Same – sex marriage is recognized legally by the Federal government as well several

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