Please below is my homework question, finding it difficult understanding what i am asked to do. Preventive services for achieving SDG 3.1 and SDG3.

Please below is my homework question, finding it difficult understanding what i am asked to do. Please some help.

Preventive services for achieving SDG 3.1 and SDG3.2

(Utilization of skilled birth attendants and

compare and contrast the preventive measures of utilizing skilled birth attendants and saltsfor prevention of maternal and under-five child mortality consequently. You will analyze data for three different countries from different economic levels according to the World Bank classification as

Upper middle-income country: Belarus

Low middle income country: Bangladesh

Low income country: Burkina Faso

To prepare for this assignment:

1-     Review data of maternal mortality rates for the all countries listed above from World Health Organization website links, “Cause-Specific Mortality and Morbidity: Maternal Mortality Ratio Data by Country ( andUnder- FiveChild Mortality Levels: Number of Deaths (Thousands) by Country

2-     Go to the World Health Organization’s website link, “Health service coverage Data by country: ( and note the percentage of births attended by skilled birth attendants and percentage of children under five with diarrhea receiving Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT %): (     Go to the global health observatory data of skilled birth attendants ( and children under-five receiving ORT ( note the differences in economic status, educational and place of residence among the provided countries

  • Compare and contrast the most appropriate relevant and current data on maternal and under five child mortality in all three countries. You are encouraged to present these data graphically (optional).
  • Describe the preventive services to improve maternal and child health outcomes as they relate to this scenario, giving examples from the data sources.
  • Identify the socioeconomic determinants that may influence the use of these preventive services. Interrelate the maternal and under-five child rates of the each country.
  • Discuss barriers and gaps in the existing preventive services in all three countries. Identify interventions or efforts that could be in place in these three countries (governmental or non-governmental) that are aiming to achieve SDG3.1 and SDG 3.2

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