propose a research design that will allow you to systematically, empirically, and rigorously… 1 answer below »

Having identified and argued the importance of your topic of interest (Assessment task 1) and reviewed the literature on that topic (Assessment task 2), you must now apply the methodological knowledge and frameworks you have gained during this unit (i.e., the prescribed literature from weeks 5 to 12) to propose a research design that will allow you to systematically, empirically, and rigorously investigate and answer your selected research question. Those studying OHSE must write an OHSE related research project.

The research design proposal should include: A brief (re-)statement the topic and research question, and possible refinements as a result of insights gained after having completed Assessment tasks 1 and 2 (e.g., the prescribed literature, feedback from your lecturer); A comprehensive description of your proposed research design, covering all relevant elements – such as type of design, data sources, data collection method, measurement instruments, research setting, sampling method, negotiating access and maximizing response, and time frame – using the methodological terminology and frameworks from the prescribed literature; Beyond merely describing what your proposed research design looks like, it is equally important that you clearly justify your choices. That is, you need to use the methodological considerations and frameworks from the prescribed literature to argue why the research choices you propose will enable you to examine and answer your research question in a way that is methodologically superior to other research design choices; This also means that you will need to critically evaluate both the strengths and weaknesses of your design and how your research design choices will impact the validity of the conclusions you will be able to derive from your research; The proposal should describe research that you can realistically carry out, so you need to consider not only methodological requirements, but also practical and ethical constraints associated with your proposed design; Finally, provide some preliminary ideas about how you would go about analysing your data.
Please assign this research proposal to the very good expert.i have attached the description and privious work on work overload. please find them.

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