my reserch qustion : why do some rich countries have strict air pollution law than others? will be about why do some countries act differently than others. and the 2 countries that i am going to compare keyna and japan or south korea .

so basiclly this is what the professor said :

  • Summaries of three scholarly
    • A scholarly, scientific article has a hypothesis and evidence, and has been published in an academic journal. I very strongly suggest that you check with me first to confirm that the articles you find are scientific.
    • Choose articles based on your research question, not based on what you think your case studies might be. (For example: if you are really interested in terrorists in China, find articles about insurgencies and terrorist groups generally; if you are really interested in corruption in Tawain, find articles about corruption generally.)
    • In about two pages describe, as precisely as possible, the following:
      • the research question
      • the hypothesis
      • the key independent variables
      • the dependent variable
      • the units of observation
      • the findings and conclusion

the artcle that i want you to write about is :Selden, Thomas M., and Daqing Song. “Environmental quality and development: is there a Kuznets curve for air pollution emissions?.” Journal of Environmental Economics and management 27.2 (1994): 147-162.

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