How to write psychology laboratory reports and essays.

Assignment is on PsychoPathology: Depression

Give an overview of depression, but the focus is on the critical analysis on the treatment of depression.

I have provided some references which can be used in this lit review. At least 6 references to be used (either from here or from your own findings).

For presentation of assignments you should consult the official APA manual or one of the following texts:

• Perrin, R. (2004). Pocket guide to APA style. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company.

• Ellerman, D.A., Wildermuth, N.L. (2000). Writing research reports and essays in psychology: A handbook for students. Toowoomba: USQ Press.

• Findlay, B. (2000). How to write psychology laboratory reports and essays. (2 nd Ed.). Sydney: Prentice Hall.

Everything must be in APA format. Thank you.

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