In which studies are the themes of the literature review similar? Different?… 1 answer below »

I have provided the work that has been done up to this point. I need a Tutor who has a good command of the English language My PICOT

“In adult patients with CVC, does interventional staff education about hub hygiene provided to RN’s who access the CVCimpact CLABSI rates compared to pre and post-intervention assessments over a two month period?”


Using feedback from your instructor on your PICOT question and annotated bibliographies, revise your PICOT question and annotations.

Using your annotations, write a 1,250-1500 word paper, in which you evaluate the literature, including the study conclusions, merits, and shortcomings. Your evaluation should address the following questions, and your conclusions should be supported with appropriate citations. In which studies are the themes of the literature review similar? Different? In which studies do the data support the conclusion? In which studies do the conclusions answer the research question? What questions would you ask the authors? How might the evidence in these studies be of use to refining you PICOT question or perhaps formulating or implementing your DPI project? </pclass="msonormal">

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