Why is it important to use critical thinking skills in psychology? 




1. This is a general psychology course. Why do you think psychology courses like this one are often requirements of so many different programs of study? Explain fully.

2.  Freud is probably one of the most well-known historical figures in psychology. Where have you encountered references to Freud or his ideas about the role that the unconscious mind plays in determining conscious behavior?

3.  Why are you taking this course? What do you hope to learn about during this course?


4. Why do you think many people might be skeptical about psychology being a science? Explain fully.

5.  As a college student, you are no doubt concerned about the grades that you earn while completing your coursework. If you wanted to know how overall GPA is related to success in life after college, how would you choose to approach this question and what kind of resources would you need to conduct this research?

6. Why is it important to use critical thinking skills in psychology? Explain fully

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